The lonely Moon, the dark night and the cosmic wanderer…!!

After something like a decade or so..,the lonely wanderer is back with the crazy musings..!! But this time the journey is into the infinity..!! The purple sky basked in its mysterious aura and winked at the lonely wanderer.It was actually seducing the wanderer to embrace it.But the wanderer was scared as always..!! She was searching for answers and her back pack was empty..,she felt the green cold sluggy moss of degradation that crept into her mind.It was scary and cold and dark..!She looked for the elixir to revive the degrading mind. Te magic potion was available only in the long lost kingdom of her seductress,in the purple sky..!! She longed to touch the purple sky with her long slender fingers..but her weak wings were tired..!! A sad smile adorned her lips..,she tried again..coz as you all know our wanderer..she is a fighter..!!
A strong aroma of freshly brewed coffee filled the air around her..her wings started fluttering again like new butterfly emerging from its mould..she tried again..the sweet air lifted her up..and took her to the purple sky..!!But only after reaching there that she understood that it was not the purple sky…but it was someone else who was summoning her.The purple sky was just a labyrinth..but little did she understood that this labyrinth was made of her desires..The winding stairway of emotions took her to the unknown took her into the dept of the cosmic sea.She sailed on the moon. Little stars peeped up and smiled at her,she glazed them back through her dreamy eyes.Suddenly moon shook her off his reins into the deep cosmic sea…she was cold,she was scared but she believed in her summoner..her invisible lover..The frightening meteors smeared at her..she was nearing a black hole..,but a blazing shooting star carried her in her sleeves and took her to the white dwarf..who opened the door to her secret summoner.She was all eager to meet him.She entered the room with the strides of a fresh jasmines..,but the room was dark..and at the corner she saw something moving..She hurried to it..!! There was he ..who called her from faraway land..He was all weak..,he was in chains..he was a dark moon..!!He resembled moon as if they were brothers..
Yes he was the twin brother of moon,but a darker version of moon..He was chained and kept away from the world..The blazing hot iron burnt through his skin…It was so much for her to take..she tried breaking his chains and freeing him..but the chains were strong…His moments were drawing near..He wanted to give his elixir..,his lifeline to her..He wanted to give her eternity..He wanted to give up his life for her travels and her imagination..But only one thing he asked in keep him in her keep him alive in her art..With a silent sob..,she agreed..He took her in his arms..touched her fingers and turned to a purple stardust in her hands..She collected it..!! and let out a shrill cry of despair and gloom..Her eyes were wide open and she was back on her brick lined balcony gazing at the night sky..She opened her hands..,a felt the purple stardust and sprinkled it on her new story..and smiled at him wearyingly with her dreamy eyes…!!

He was chained in blazing iron... Photo credit:google

He was chained in blazing iron…
Photo credit:google

The purple sky summoned her..!! PC:GOOGLE

The purple sky summoned her..!!

Can you smell that stardust…?

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