“Where are you, and where am I”?

Just stumbled upon “Tu kuja” in Highway which is inspired by a famous qawwali of the same name. This song portraits a lost person, who is drowning in the worries of the world, and who is searching for an anchor to hold upon. The song is very interesting in the perspective that it actually does an introspection into the mind of a loner or a mind who is drifting into depression in the chaos and hum drums of a city life. In modern life, no one has got time to listen, no one has time to lent an ear to the lamentings of a fellow human. And we are loosing many to depression, but the interesting factor is that everyone wants the same thing, everyone is searching for kindness, for a purpose in life but fails to recognize that their fellow beings crave the same thing. The song describes the exact feeling of millions, “I am alone on this path filled with stones and thorns, begging for a drop of compassion” and it’s interesting how this factor refines the thread of spirituality. How the lamenting souls finds solace in addressing some external power of the universe whom they address as “the strength of the weak”.The dark bile gets spilled when the souls get lost in understanding the mystic ways in which the world acts and instead of leading to answers it just creates a marshland engulfing its creator. And in this endless pursuit maybe a helping or moreover listening external universal power was helpful.Maybe it was the thing that led the ancient humans to create the concept of religion. Just to pour out their minds to stone idols that they trust. And then even that turned into a quest of searching whether the idols really are listening or are they just there to give a momentary relief.So it became a maze game, where one found an outlet to their suffering and in inspecting the outlet, it led to more sufferings. It’s at times like this the cycle or chakra theory makes sense. Just like how Buddha said, maybe it’s those pain relievers which we hold on to, which paves way for more pain. And at those times we can only ask one question “Where are you, and where am I”?
It’s interesting to find how human loneliness and self-doubt acts a fodder for spiritual quests. If you have more views on the topic, please do mention below.

Click on the link to listen to the song: https://youtu.be/Nw8UJ9zKVTc

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