The little green elf

dsc_0036Crossing the gate this cold crispy morning, I saw something moving in the grass. I leaned in to see what was there. And there it was.., a tiny little elf collecting tiny water droplets. I couldn’t believe my eyes.., I stared at him in utter disbelief and surprise. The tiny elf was carefully collecting the dew drops as if he was in a trance. He placed the dew drops against the golden sun rays and as if by some magic those droplets started sparkling like tiny diamonds. I tried leaning forward, and with cold frail fingers, I tried to reach out to the sparkling crystals.The tiny elf was startled and he looked up at me with the kindest eyes I have ever seen. He lifted a tiny crystal and placed it on my fingertip, I tried thanking him with a smile. He turned around and with a splish splash turned into a mushroom, and his fabricated crystals turned back into shiny dew drops on his coat. A strange kind of peace seemed to settle in my mind and with a gentle smile, I placed the crystal he gave me on his mushroom coat.and I bid him goodbye, hoping to see that kind eyes again someday, perhaps in an elf’s universe.

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