The sea, the cliff and some history..!!

The traveler was hiding under the labyrinth of time for a long time..The spider web of diplomatic formalities has entangled the traveler too in its spiderweb..but like a true warrior, she broke off the web and flew into the horizons to meet the adventure that was awaiting her.. She ended up in Normandy.., the region of green pasture lands nestled in silence of a sleeping history.., where the wind brushes her hairs and the sea embraces the land with the most delicate hands..

Today , standing at the highest cliff.., she saw the end of the world.., where earth meets the sky..with the beautifully painted blue sky above her head and the emerald green grass under her feet..She saw the real eden garden…while the soft breeze whispered a sweet secret in her ears..She was alive at this moment..She saw the light.., the seven coloured rainbow shone in the sky..!!

The German bunkers of the World war II was standing there.., just like the ancient phantoms lost in an eerie dream…, while the white turbos turned merrily like young men dancing in joy..And there I stood watching her listening to the stories which the cliffs were telling her.. Lost in today..waiting for tomorrow..!!


The tales told by the haut falaise.. 🙂


the way leading to history..

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