Life – the biggest surprise

I was planning to write something since a long time..but my internal traveler got lost somewhere..,maybe in some meadows or beyond some fenced grasslands or on the bank of some silvery stream..I went searching for her.,everywhere but she was lost..,she was gone..!! I asked everyone.., no one knew where she went..! I knew I could find her in my writings..but without her I couldn’t write anything..! I was tired, and exhausted. I was about to give up my hopes.

After my tiresome search,I was lonely finding solace in my slumber and it was then the first drops of rain, just like tear drops fell from the sky to caress my dried up soul..and then in y sleep just like a flicker of a phantom.., I saw her.She was smiling at me..My joy had no bounds..She extended her hand to me..I hold it as tightly as I can..I complained to her for leaving me so abruptly..For leaving me alone in the crowd..I realized that..what mattered the most to me, was her company and nothing else. She was my soul itself. Its her thoughts that I jolt down. I am a physical void and she was my spiritual fulfilness. I looked behind her and found the silvery wings which she was trying to hide. I looked away fearing that she will fly away from me again..! She then gifted me a pair of those effervescent silvery wings..I looked at the wings with wide eyes …I lifted my legs slightly leaning forwards with my eyes fixed o the blue fields of clouds extending ahead of me. I was lifted up while the cold rain drops brushed through my wings and fell on the ground just like sparkling diamonds from the sky..they sparkled just like hope that sparkles in our morbid lives..!!