The wanderer is lost….!

Its been a long time… the wanderer have talked last. When the wanderer unfold in front of you the story of the lonely moon..,she was in turn questioning her existence on this planet of chaos…Everything in this universe is in constant motion. It never stops..,the wanderer was wandering places so as to be in resonance with this universe. But the elixir which kept her running has vaporized into an invisible ethereal layer and cuddled the molecules of this atmospheric air..! The wanderer is lost deep down…,somewhere..! Is she dead..? Has she perished..? No..never..,for she talked the tongue which millions had spoken with..She must be hiding deep..,inside..,maybe  she has just lost her way..,in some deep dark dungeon..,or may be she is just in the slumber.., feeling new horizons..,seeing new lands..or maybe she is just tired of keeping pace with this sublime universe..and maybe some day she will just wake up from her sleep brushing away the white dust ,,which men call the snow..and lighten this world with her magic smile.


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