Till Death Do Part Us

Chapter 1

The day was calm and cool,but I was feeling a bit uneasy.I decided to make a hot glass of Brazillian coffee for myself but then decided to do without one.I put on my sandals and walked down the lane to the maple laned sidewalk.On my way I met the cheerful newspaper boy who waved at me a warm good morning but I responded coldly because something or the other was disturbing me.My mind was restless;my legs were freezed and trembling.I thought of sitting on the iron bench beneath a maple tree.A cold breeze brushed through my face which made me think of death,I paused over the thought.A small little maple leaf came down and rested on my lap.I took the young leaf in my left hand and examined it carefully like a botanist.It was whole brown but my attention was drawn to a tinch of red on that leaf which made me think as if it was trying to run away from the hands of brown,as if it was trying to escape the darkness,as if it wanted to embrace the goodness of nature without giving it away to the dirt.I don’t know why but these train of thoughts made me to think about hell.”Hell”,”Death”,what is happening to me;why my thoughts are so sober.I uttered a curse word and try to cheer myself up by looking at the beautiful world in front of me.Then I thought ‘how beautiful hell will be’.I smiled srcastically thinking about my foolish question, ‘how can something beautiful happen in hell’.Beauty is art and art is divine.But how can hell be divine? how can there be art in hell? I recked my brains and went to sleep.The thoughts in my brain formed a bubble near my head and it then rose above my head like a hallo and parted into the atmosphere to find its new recipients while the maple leaf on my lap become more and more brownish and the little red spot ran to the tip of the leaf blade.


Hell was cold,that day.A thin scent of smocked sausages covered the entire hell.There was this red light everywhere.Samuel was uneasy because he was the only soul who was not attended by Balbuzeeb,the right hand of Lucifer.Samuel was a desirous desperado who out of malice and melancholy killed his young femme with her two little ones.He was restless in earth and still restless in Hell;only Balbuzeeb can cool him.Yes,I meant the word ‘cold’ itself because hell is cold.Yes,it is cold,it is the cold kingdom of indifference without warmth,without passion,without feelings and without art.We all have this misconception of hell as a dark,dintchy place which our writers told us,but for sure hell is not dark .There is light in hell too but the sun,moon and stars is Lucifer himeslf.Its from him,hell receives its light.But where is Lucifer and Balbuzeeb?
Balbuzeeb is seen standing like an old lamp post outside Lucifer’s chamber;a scary blue light is seen from his chamber.What is hell is happening in hell?Why is the soul of Samuel left unattended?What happened to Balbuzeeb?Because he is the one who comes to lick up the souls of condemned to indifference,just like a hungry dog.Lucifer is always seen walking around;enjoying the cold indifference and pondering over his thoughts to destroy goodness;while his pet bat encircles his cape.It all happened one day…Lucifer found an old book near the soul of a disgusting librarian.He started reading it.He grew brighter and brighter as he read on.Then all of a sudden he went inside his chamber,locked himself up leaving Balbuzeeb on guard.Things got more tensed when the curious,scary blue light started coming from his chamber.Hey,wait…!What is scary about blue?Yes,blue is a scary colour to hell because its the divine colour;and all those that are divine is scary to hell.But what is happening inside is unknown to all.Inside Lucifer’s chamber also it was tension, who was ruling over.A little pot is seen boiling and some sort of distillation tube is being setup and a blue coloured liquid was collected at the other end but the light was not coming from there.It was coming from the closet.Yes,that wooden closet concealed Lucifer’s greatest secret.
………………..to be continued

The wanderer is lost….!

Its been a long time… the wanderer have talked last. When the wanderer unfold in front of you the story of the lonely moon..,she was in turn questioning her existence on this planet of chaos…Everything in this universe is in constant motion. It never stops..,the wanderer was wandering places so as to be in resonance with this universe. But the elixir which kept her running has vaporized into an invisible ethereal layer and cuddled the molecules of this atmospheric air..! The wanderer is lost deep down…,somewhere..! Is she dead..? Has she perished..? No..never..,for she talked the tongue which millions had spoken with..She must be hiding deep..,inside..,maybe¬† she has just lost her way..,in some deep dark dungeon..,or may be she is just in the slumber.., feeling new horizons..,seeing new lands..or maybe she is just tired of keeping pace with this sublime universe..and maybe some day she will just wake up from her sleep brushing away the white dust ,,which men call the snow..and lighten this world with her magic smile.