Home..its always a special feeling..,its not just a place but an emotion which we carry with us..,everywhere..!! We may find our town old fashioned with many foolish folks poking their nose into our daily affairs.., but still we will miss this place for each and every second of our life..once we go away from it..!! I too have got some cool stuff to remember about my place…my family,friends and the very old foolish people who used to annoy me..!! I would love to tell you that I miss you all dearly..,my folks..!! and I love you..!

the beautiful nature

the beautiful nature

God has blessed my land with some special grace…which is very evident from its emerald shaded meadows,dotting coconut trees,sapphiric lagoons and the blue beaches..Kerala…is a beauty,as you enter this magical land you feel all rejuvenated..everything appears new..everything has the newly founded charm of a heavenly angel..!

The tiring life in a metro has indeed drained my soul and mind..I was living my life just like a robot without any aesthetic sense. There is a special infection which curbs into your system.,.whose tagline is “utility comes before beauty”..!The only thing that concerns you in a metro life is just time,money,profit and loss.As Keats will like to remind you “A thing of beauty is a joy for ever”. So when you stops seeing beauty in things, the joy of your life bids farewell to you..!! Summer vacations are always to me as a drizzle is to a desert…I feels so relieved..this is the only time I can take a break from this dingy city life..

the heavenly lagoon

the heavenly lagoon 

I reached my hometown at night..so more or less nothing was visible in the darkness except the lighted up shops on the sidewalks..! A cool wind whistled past me as I leaned on my mother’s shoulder after the tiring three day journey in the train..and the magical wind played a sweet lullaby in my ears which made me a slave of the great slumber.The first thing I did in the next morning was to embrace my sweet land..I took a long walk in my courtyard, I took off my shoes and walked through the damp sand. I felt as if the little grains of sand kissed  my feet as I went past. The tall eucalyptus tree gently bowed its head before me and showered me with its gracious blessings in the form of dry leaves..The wind was still busy, brushing my hairs, the leaves played a slow Mozart’s note for me on their invisible piano..,Slowly it started to rain…with the curiosity of a hornbill who was detained from rain for a million years..,I gazed into the silvery sky with my mouth wide open. I felt the taste of a tiny drop of sweet diamond..yes, the very first raindrop…It was the most delicious drink in the world which not even the best concoction maker can make..!! I went past the old outhouse with broken wooden boards who winked at me like an old lady in her 80s with shaky hands and a mouth without any teeth..I went inside the outhouse ,my old books were shackled around the corner..!I ran through a few pages and the old books smell gave me new sensations of joy..as I was about to return I heard a low clinging of bell…Viola,there in its old pride and glory..was my cycle..!!Its tyres were flat and the chain was a bit rusted, rest..everything was fit and fine..!! I wanted to take her out and fly on her..but outside it was raining too heavily..!

I locked the shed and went back to my home..my mother made hot crispy vadas. I muched it up with a cup of hot steaming cup of aroma filled coffee..This place is truly a heaven…Rain stopped and the sky became crystal clear..my friends had stopped by.. to inquire about the happenings of my city life..We went on a cycling trip to the nearby lagoon..the blue waters told us stories of friendship and memories..the water hyacinths smiled at us like young damsels in lavender gowns..I envied them in my minds..look,how beautiful they are..? “Then what about us..?”asked the little yellow button sunflowers…who were enjoying a sauna treatment in the early morning sun. I never expected this question..! still I replied quite abruptly..”You are nature’s own little princesses with beautiful little butterflies to attend on you..!” They swayed their heads happily at my reply..!! I had nice long conversations with my friends..,while returning we cycled back to a lonely hill. The

smiling nature

smiling nature

hilltop had a nice coconut vendor who used to sell nice,sweet, fresh coconut..!! We raced to the hills, and had a nice green coconut..The fizz of the coconut water instantly charged our tired bodies. We ate the white pulp of coconut and recited in mind..even heavenly ambrosia will not be as tasty as this..!!

With freshly regained energy we went the nearby town  to our cafe cum friends hub..Himalaya..,!! Yes,indeed it was Himalaya for us..I and my friends had spend a hundreds of evening sipping lemonade in this stall and found our mental solace..!! It was always refreshing..,more friends joined us there. On a plate of cutlet we discussed our little joys and happiness..! We cheered for each others achievements..!! It was almost evening…and which is the best place to be at sunset..? Yes, thats right..! We went to the beach..Listening to the revolutionary songs of the strong waves..We soaked in our eyes,.the golden sun who was running to hide behind the mystic horizon..!! With the parting sun ..I bide good bye to my friends and walked unsteadily through the silky sand to reach back to my home…,where the half read story book awaited me..,all patiently to fill up my mind with new tales….and in all this joy I forgot that far..more miles away,a city is waiting for me with a dreary burden of my duties..!!

the button sunflowers

the button sunflowers





Home Sweet Home – Kerala….,mon chéri…!!

2 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home – Kerala….,mon chéri…!!

  1. Aw…I can completely relate myself with this work/feeling of yours. It made me nostalgic..
    As I read past ur article…I could literally imagine the beauty of nature which we so easily tend to ignore… Nice work darling.. 😀

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