A Tribute to Safdarjung…!

Many a times and oft when I have gone to the Alliance Francais, I always wondered at the marvel of that majestic building which used to peep through the lush foliage which adorned the sidewalks of Delhi. I always wanted to visit this place but due to the busy schedules, the irregular classes of JNU and the normal rational time management..I was always forced to suppress my curiosity. I was just getting immersed in the the normal crowd who sang in chorus with W.H. Davies…that “we have no time to stand and stare”.But life is not to be lived like a 100m race…it is something whose every moment is to be enjoyed..!! Many times we purposefully forgets this for satisfying the designs of devil like money and greed..!!

Godly things like beauty,peace and serenity always gets unnoticed in this modern sci-fi world of matrix. This building has something in it which always lured me to it,just like an unseen magnet pulls iron. But the normality of life always kept me occupied. That day was an ordinary one except that I and my friend had one of our normal fights (which is quite common for us ). So just to cheer ourselves up a little bit..we had an ice cream. There is something special about ice creams..it can always solve any big disputes..!! plus it gives you marvelous



ideas..! The ice cream effect took us to the Great Safdarjung Tomb.

On the very first step into monument I felt some chilled shiver ,it vibrated through me and I felt as if someone has done magic on me..,we continued our walk. The grand structure which was hidden behind the thick leaves of pomegranate trees is now smiling right at my face. I heard a voice inside my head which told me.. “so you are here at last..”!! The wind brushed through my hair and the birds chirped in my ears as if someone has told them to welcome me with all grandeur of a princess..!

I felt the richly carved walls and the red sandstone which sung about unseen passions and the marble floor which embraced me with its kind and cold surface. The majestic cenotaph in white marble shone with a magical radiance in the evening sunlight..!! With shivering fingers I touched the cold cenotaph. and I saw an old man with a kind face near the Cenotaph, whose face lit up a sweet peaceful smile..He was old and weary, clad in a white robe.I exchanged a smile and closed my eyes…an entire royal procession passed in front of my eyes..!!My friend’s soft voice awakened me from the trance. I re-entered the real world…the busy and noisy world..! But the tomb and its garden still hid us from this noise just like a baby is protected in a mother’s womb. We clicked many photos,praised the ancient architecture… complained about the governments irresponsibility in protecting the ancients monuments…and as the time was racing on our watch..we were forced  to join the race…The hour glass pulled us out from the serene garden and took us out to the sonorous street of Delhi.

And as I was coming out the arabic inscriptions on the main entrance caught my eyes…“When the hero of plain bravery departs from the transitory, may he become a resident of god’s paradise”…

Yes when I and Richa took the courage to suspend the banalities of our life and to leave behind our busy scheduled transitory world..we were indeed welcomed into this paradise…! MASHA’ ALLAH..!!




2014-03-26 17.04.22

15 thoughts on “A Tribute to Safdarjung…!

  1. Beautiful piece! As I read ur work, I felt as though I was present there myself…looking forward to more such ‘lust’… Brilliant! 🙂

  2. Finally my girl has started giving acceleration to her thoughts and motion to her pen…Keep up the good work..Proud of u 🙂

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