This Summer,the wanderer in me was smiling victoriously…!! Because at the end she has win the battle with the homesick me…,It lured me with promises of new found joy of traveling..and made me stay in Delhi. So armed in the shining armor of courage..I cancelled my confirmed ticket to Kerala..and decided to stay in this majestic capital even in this scroaching heat..!! The roads of Delhi shone with a magical lusture..,I felt a change in myself, my vision changed, the way I looked at the things changed…everything has changed in a new way..Little things which I used to ignore as the banality of life,smiled at me with marvel. Everything was giving joy to my eyes..Even in the chitchats of leaves and whispers of wind, my heart pounced with joy..!! I knew perfectly well what was happening to me…,I have been infected.! Yes, I have been infected by the wanderer’s lust..!! Now there is no turning back..all I can do is to live with this infection..,until and unless my wanderer gets perfectly satisfied… and gets weary of my travels..!!

I was feeling all new. The lazy couch potato in me has hidden somewhere..I don’t know where to find her..,the claustrophobic me..who used to run away from crowds…wanted to get immersed in the crowd..things were changing..Yes, they should change because even the saying says that “CHANGE WE MUST ” .The wanderer’s spirit has done alchemy on me..!! SO ARE YOU READY TO TRAVEL WITH ME…??

The wanderer’s lust…!!

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